SCM, Bugtraq, Websvn, Wiki

by @im_a_muppet on December 16, 2007

SCM – subversion
svn switch —resource old_url new_url ./

Untar edit distconfig.php and rename config.php
must have proc_open etc not disabled.

Need php5 for latest version.
Need to add Cite/cite.php for references to work.
Search for Mediawiki:sidebar and edit it to edit the sidebar.

Integrate scm with bugtraq.

Installed Scarab as bug tracker
-requires ant

Then set bugtraq properties in eclipse as per picture below. Upon update they
link to the bug site.

Since I set properties on the EPLStruts directory it will only be a link in the log in that dir or lower.

So in scarab I specify epl as epl/sda/EPLStruts

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